The History of Second City Comedy Clubs

The Second City Theater first opened in Chicago on December 16, 1959. Originally a small cabaret theater, the Second City has grown to become one of the most well-known comedy theaters in the world.

The theater’s founders, Paul Sills, Howard Alk and Bernie Sahlins, went against mainstream comedy and instead focused on improvisation and appealing to a younger audience. When Second City alums Dan Aykroyd, GIlda Radner and John Belushi debuted on NBC’s celebrated Saturday Night Live, the popularity of the theater skyrocketed. In the mid 1980 Read the rest of this entry »

Famous Female Stand Up and Improv Comediennes

The world of improvisational comedy has largely been dominated by male performers. However, in the last few decades, women comediennes have paved the way for fellow female funny makers to enter into this arena. People can think of several great ladies that have set the stage for male and female comedians alike. However, some women stand out among others as true comedic geniuses.

Most people would readily agree that Phyllis Diller was one of the earliest and perhaps one of the Read the rest of this entry »

Famous Stand Up and Improv Comedians

Stand up comedy has always been an important form of entertainment. During good times or bad, it always feels better to laugh. Some of the best comedians have a special knack for finding humor in everyday situations.

One of the best at observational comedy is Jerry Seinfeld. His standup routine evolved into one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. Seinfeld was a self-proclaimed “show about nothing” that was based entirely on the hilarity of the ordinary.

Daniel Tosh Read the rest of this entry »

How Dane Cook Started Doing Comedy

Dane Cook is a famous stand-up comedian who made his first debut in 1990. His comedic style is a mixture of both physical and written comedy. Dane Cook was raised in Arlington, Massachusetts. He grew up in a family who he says always made him laugh. He loved the feeling it gave him and wanted to share it with others. He decided to join his high school theater production and that is where he realized that he wanted to Read the rest of this entry »

How to Make An Audience Laugh

Making an audience laugh is not as simple as it seems. It looks like fun when comedians stand on stage and soon have everyone rolling in the isles. Comedy is as much a skill as it is an innate talent. It takes considerable work to be a successful comedian.

Being able to write your own humor is fundamental. Jokes taken from others simply don’t get the response that your own original material can expect. Carry a small notebook with you, or use your phone or tablet to take notes throughout Read the rest of this entry »

How George Carlin Started Doing Comedy

George Carlin is arguably one of the greatest comedians to ever grace the stages of comedic venues around the world. His jokes are often repeated even years after they were initially said, and he has provided the inspiration that has started many comedians careers throughout the years. George Carlin was a highly successful, comedic genius whose legacy is certain to live on for many years to come, but like many comedians, he had to start somewhere. The following includes information about how George Carlin got his comedic start.

In 1959, George Carlin joined with a Read the rest of this entry »

Famous Comedy Clubs in the United States

The US is not at a loss for great comedy clubs. From coast to coast comedians and their audiences can find some of the world’s best clubs. Some of the country’s most famous clubs are:

The Comedy Store – Hollywood and La Jolla, California

The Comedy Store in Hollywood opened in 1972. Mitzi Shore started the club along with her comedian husband, Sammy Shore. Mitzi gained sole ownership of the club through a divorce. Mitzi’s opened the La Jolla club for her daughter to manage and run. Today, 40 years later, the clubs are still a family business with the Read the rest of this entry »

How to Start A Career in Comedy

The best way to really get started with your career in comedy is to perform as much as you can. Many small bars and nightclubs have comedy nights that you can participate in for free. Even if your crowd is small, work the crowd as well as you can, and perform as if you are performing for an entire stadium of people. Once you have performed at a few local venues, you will probably begin to become a more common name in your area. It is also important to meet with people in the crowd, and consider mingling with them in the bar for a little while after your show. It is also important for you to create a web presence in order to get your name out there. Much like bands create webpages and social networking pages to promote their music, you should do the same to promote your career. Write in a funny,, witty style on these pages, and post plenty of pictures so that people can come to recognize your face. It is also a good idea to post videos of your routines, and always list a schedule of anywhere that you will be performing, even if it is at a comedy night at a tiny bar in your area.